Perfect apps to track pregnancy

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There is no more magical moment than the gestation of a woman. After all, it’s almost magical to know that inside the womb grows a being that hasn’t even been born yet, but is already so loved.

The anxiety of seeing the face soon is so much that many women love to use technology to know better every detail that happens, week by week, inside their belly.

If you want to know how to take advantage of technology to monitor your pregnancy more closely and not miss any details, check out the list of the best apps that we have prepared for you. Look!


1-WeMoms Advice from Mothers- Pregnancy, Motherhood

The first app on our list is one of the most downloaded and loved by moms.

After all, it is possible to follow closely, in detail, everything that happens inside the belly, week by week.

In the app it is still possible to participate in forums where you can ask questions, answer others, and get to know this maternal universe better and even help other moms with subjects you already know.

The application also puts you on top of events in your region related to maternity and pregnancy, such as a maternity fair where you can buy layette items and even diapers and accessories at a discount.

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The application is excellent because it unites several mothers with the same objective, that is, you will realize that you are not alone in the path of discoveries that this new phase represents.

And more! You will be able to share your doubts with other women who, because they are going through the same phase, will also be able to understand your doubts, insecurities and fears and help you overcome all the challenges of motherhood.

2-Music for Pregnancy

If there is one thing that is good for all human beings, it is music. After all, it is the only one that can activate both hemispheres of the brain at the same time.

In this sense, listening to music during pregnancy can significantly help the development of your baby in the womb.

In addition, scholars say that if it is classical music, for example, they can help in a different way in the development of the Baby, in addition to favoring relaxation and greater connection between the mother and the child.

3-Physical exercises in pregnancy

Every woman is unique and so is every pregnancy. In this sense, it is always recommended that the mother asks her obstetrician about the possibility of doing physical exercises.

In case the obstetrician is released, the pregnant woman can count on an app whose main objective is to help mothers maintain physical conditioning, with exercises that help to deal with the weight of the belly, relieve lower back pain and strengthen muscles, without harm the pregnancy.

After all, even pregnant, taking time to take care of your health is essential to combat stress and promote maternal self-esteem.


Aplicativo para medir pressão online!

Therefore, this application will bring physical exercises to stimulate and strengthen the muscles, and thus, prepare the pregnant woman for the day of delivery.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.